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Why Russian women are the best?

Why Russian women are the best?

“Miss Russia” contest

To explain why Russian women are the best and the most beautiful, let us have a look at those girls that took part in the Miss Russia contest and were awarded with certain awards. They are believed to be the best.

The women for this contest are strictly monitored, and only the best ones get to become the official “Miss Russia”. The contest encourages that the Russian girls should not only be a “beautiful cover”, but also interesting personalities, deep and talented. The women are often asked to perform something unusual or inquired of the last book read. Those who get to the very top of the contest are not only beautiful, but also open-minded, talented and deep.

The last girls that got on the list for participants of the “Miss Russia” have won awards like “Miss Europe” and “Miss Universe” which only proves my point that Russian girls are the best and the prettiest ones.

Why Russian girls?

You might wonder why men choose Russian girls to be their companions for life. With respect to this question, I will say that it is not only the inner packaging, which is beautiful, that counts, but also the inside beauty.

  1. Russian girls are also pretty on the inside. They can be respectful of men’s desires and their authority. They never question their man’s leadership and credibility. Being raised up in a culture where women treat their men as if they deserve all the respect and praise for being the head and the leader, best girls stick to these rules. And that is why the women are considered to be the prettiest.
  2. Moreover, take a close look at the way they take care of their appearances. Most of them outdo themselves when going to a party. Russian ladies are the most beautiful ones either on a dance floor or walking in the park with a friend. They care enough to look gorgeous at all times no matter the occasion or time of the day.
  3. Bets East-European woman is also a good hostess. Unlike many European women who get offended if you mention that it is a woman’s responsibility to cook or to take care of her house, best women do not avoid such duties. They admit being created in a way that makes them gentler or more caring than men. Thus, it perfectly makes sense to use these talents for the family’s sake.

Taking everything into consideration, Russian girls and women are the best ones, as they live according to a great calling a real woman and do not think that taking care of their families is a burden. They are loyal friends, loving wives and he best companions for life that will make every man feel like a king in his own kingdom.