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How to say “a woman” in Russian

How to say “a woman” in Russian

In one of our previous articles we have already talked about the specific of Russian language. In case you want to come and meet Russian women, you should learn some of the basic words for communication. Especially it works in case you want to visit a Russian lady there, you should know how to address a woman in Russian.

Russian language

As one wise man once said, “As many languages you know, so many times you are a man”. This saying is absolutely true for every man and every language. And it explains that if you want to experience the culture and get to know its people better, you should speak at least a little of their language.

Moreover, you probably know that women love with their ears. They love to hear compliments or how you call her name. Thus, it is an absolute necessity for those men who want to come and visit Russia to learn basic words in this language.

Be careful with your expressions!

And do not worry if you do not feel confident when speaking language you have not totally mastered yet. It will come with time. At least learn some polite words and several words meaning a “woman” in the Russian language.

  • First of all, one should know that there a few words meaning a “woman” in Russian. All these words depend on the age of both this woman and the person talking to her and the level of their personal knowledge of each other. For instance, if a person talking to a woman is about her age, it is common to use the word that generally means “young lady”. This will be understood as a joke and a compliment to her age. To say “young lady” in Russian use the expression “девушка” [DYEH-voosh-kah]. You can find best East European brides on
  • The same expression should also be used to call a young lady whatever the age of a person talking to her is. “Devooshkah” is considered to be a polite address; therefore, one should use a polite form of a pronoun “You” and a plural form of a verb.
  • The same rule of the polite form of a pronoun and a plural verb form applies to the case when a person is talking to a woman of the age of 35 years and older. To say a “woman” one should use the word “женщина” [ZHEHN-schee-nah].
  • However, it can be tricky when you talk to teenagers. They are universally considered to be children, so the word “girl” should be used. However, as you know Russian women are aware of their own worth, and this can be seen even in teenage girls when they get offended when you call them “girls” instead of “young women”. To say “a girl” in Russian, use the word “девочка” (“devochka” [DYEH-vach-kah]). However, make sure not to offend the lady, as an expression for a woman is different than that for a young lady.

Even though it seems to be a tricky business do not get discouraged too easily. It will absolutely pay you back. A woman knowing how much effort you used to talk to her in her language will see the true value behind the gesture!