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Belarussian girls

Belarussian girls

Belarussian girls are unique. In the view of the culture these women were raised in and traditions they were taught to respect, Belorussian ladies can be called the most special girls among the other women from Slavic descent.

Why so special?

What is so special about the Belorussian women? Here is a list of things that make Belarussian girls outstanding.

  1. Remember we talked about a patriarchy culture in Russian families? Well, Belorussian girls were raised even in a more patriarchy one. Here, a man is the leader, and this is not discussable. Women know that their role is to be the guard of the heart and home and not to be a leader or a breadwinner.
  2. When it comes to the dilemma or a choice between climbing up the career ladder and taking care of her home and husband, Belorussian girl will choose the latter. Even though they still work and aim to get the best education possible, often when getting married the ladies gladly leave their careers and ambitions and take care of their children. Such attitude can be considered a difficult one by most of the European women, but not by Belorussian girls. And that is why they are so unique.

What about their sociability?

On account of their sociability, remember that Belorussian women live in a country with strict control over many areas of their lives. This can mean two things for you:

  • Firstly, they might not be too open if you barely know each other. It does not mean that Belarussian females won’t be friendly. You might need to take extra time and add more efforts into building mutual trust in this relationship. Believe me, it will later pay you many times over. Personally speaking, friends I have from Belorussia are the most loyal ones I could ever wish for.
  • Secondly, Belorussian ladies are more likely to be open for new adventures or fun together, in case you gained their trust. There might be a lot of restrictions in their social life. They are always up to try new things in a good company. So gain their trust with your genuine motives and go for it!

It can be a surprise for you to learn that most Belarussian girls love their country. The women are very much likely to host you and introduce you to their lifestyle being proud of the place and culture they live in. Do not try to criticize it if you are willing to build connections.

All things considered, Belorussian girls are perfect friends, and they can make great brides, wives and mothers. They are fun to be around and take their lives seriously enough not to get into trouble. As far as I am concerned, the ladies are far from being skin-deep, so you will enjoy meaningful time with Belarussian women.